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In green news, I've been listening to a series on NPR's Morning Edition about various green movements, starting in Great Britain. It's a fascinating series, and this morning, there was a conversation on why people are choosing a green lifestyle. In Great Britain, apparently the tax on gasoline is nearly 80 cents to the dollar, so gas there costs nearly ten dollars a gallon. So while, yes, you have the group that buys their cars for their "green-ness", there's also those who are looking strictly at cost.

But, on the other hand, they talked to one guy who drives an SUV, only because he knows that it upsets people, and because it will upset Tony Blair. In that conversation, they also pointed out that in the future, there will probably be more taxes placed on SUV's and other gas guzzlers (though, I will say, their SUV's get nearly twice as much in the way of mileage as ours).

Point is, it really doesn't make sense to not go green...even if you're just looking at the money.

This series is playing in my 7 o'clock hour in Pacific time, though that's not a guarantee for anyone, as I'm not sure how the time change might work, and my local NPR station is run by idiots as well.

On a side note, we're moving towards having vegetarian dinners, as my husband has decided to make the switch. (I haven't, but I'm trying to be accommodating.) We've been trying different vegetarian products, and I will say, I like the MorningStar chick'n products. We had chick'n strips in stir fry this weekend, and chick'n nuggets last night. I approved, as the texture and taste was fairly close to real chicken. Best of all, Ethan was all over the chick'n nuggets...which was fantastic, especially after I announced that we were having chicken nuggets and french fries, and he was all set to go to McDonald's. Oy!


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